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Does your content read like a sales pitch?
Here’s how to re-establish credibility.

What are the three most trusted pieces of content technology executives use to make purchase decisions?

According to the industry-standard report —the annual Eccolo Media B2B Content Surveywhite papers, datasheets and case studies are what decision makers rely on most often to evaluate your company and products. Yet, the biggest complaint about those content pieces—so say those very same decision makers—is that the content isn’t valuable if it reads like a sales pitch.

That’s because content that helps make decisions is expected to be informational and educational about problems and solutions. If it “smells like a sales brochure” it lacks credibility. And your prospects start looking elsewhere.

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Don’t let that happen to you or your marketing campaigns.

As a way to help your marketing efforts get off to a great start in 2014, I’m sharing a proven framework for developing white papers, datasheets and case studies. These guidelines are based on best practices, surveys of technology decision makers and data gathered over the last seven years—insights measured not just by the number of downloads, but whether the content was of the quality that led to customer and prospect engagement.

Download your free copy of the framework for the three most valuable pieces of content you can invest in to engage decision makers. This framework includes not just an outline for each type, but also its purpose, target market, what it does, what it doesn’t do, and how to make it more interesting to the reader.

Click here to download the Content Framework

Follow these guides and your marketing efforts will have the “scent of prosperity!”

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